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Tips For Perfect Social Media Posts

Digibranding founder Bahar Üner Anahmias gave tips on Social Media Communication. Bahar Üner Anahmias, who came together with women entrepreneurs who believe in development and want to invest in their brands, shared her tips on social media posts on Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Bahar Üner Anahmias, speaking about the digital age, which has accelerated due to the pandemic "This is the age of learning and adapting. We have to adapt to the developing technology and reflect it to our work immediately. It has been a long time since I added Digital Marketing and Technology topics to the years I spent in my marketing career. But learning does not end. Learning is a lifelong journey. Especially in this period, where we started talking about Metaverse, we are trying to adapt to AR, VR technologies, then we must learn to survive and present ourselves in digital. We must learn digital technologies to survive. It is not enough to learn, we must apply it to our work.

In this learning journey, I observe that especially women are more curious and better students. Recently, Information Entrepreneurs (Infopreneurs) have increased. We see that infopreneurs produce courses and transfer their knowledge to their network. This can happen on platforms like Udemy, or by going in front of a screen using Zoom. Face-to-face communication decreased during this period. Courses are mostly held online. There are so many platforms, so many channels. My clients usually do not know where to start. We do an analysis starting from their websites and social media assets. Then I share with them the simplified version of marketing rules and social media. We are drawing a roadmap together. I support them with my Digibranding brand so that they can present their information to the market in the most accurate way and promote their brands. Their sales are accelerating immediately and they are gaining brand awareness.

Some of the trainings are only online, some are interactive via zoom. We get better interaction with hybrid ones. Online gives us unlimited opportunities. Frankly, information entrepreneurs (infopreneurs) think that they will touch fewer people online, but on the contrary, they reach more people.

I have a couple of recommendations for those who do not know how to exist on social media:

  • Youtube is the most used social media platform in Turkey, followed by Instagram. Instagram is the best platform to promote yourself and your brand. I recommend you to be on as many platforms as you can handle.

  • Social media platforms love stability and continuity. Regular sharing is essential.

  • You need to learn to manage social media on Instagram. Frankly, if someone else is managing your social media, there's a cooler, more distant atmosphere. Yes, it looks corporate and serious, but let's not forget that people on Instagram exist to communicate. The old media is dead now. Communication is not one-sided anymore. It includes social and mutual communication, as it implies in the name SOCIAL MEDIA. I advise my clients to manage their own social media.

  • Another tip is to use the new features of Instagram. Instagram algorithm shows new features more to the followers, frankly, it advertises new features. For this reason, follow Instagram well and adapt to innovations immediately. Adapt the Reels feature to your brand, it has been on Instagram for the last 1 year. You will notice the difference in interactions.

  • Test every post you share on Instagram;

  • 1. Is this content useful for my lead, follower?

  • 2. Will my follower share or save this post?

  • 3. Is this an original post, can anyone else produce this content?

If you say yes to 2 of these 3 questions, you can share the post. You are on the right track.

Finally, remember, if people benefit from the person they follow on social media, they follow her/him. Benefit is essential”

On Saturday, January 15, 2022, there is another training prepared for brands to be more competent in their digital sharing.


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